D-software technology offers professional service in IT Consultation, design and development of iPhone/iPad application, Web-designing.

We know that value and trust are the ingredients of a quality relationship, and that they are earned over more than a single engagement. We are ready to provide our services for your new and existing projects.

Private or public companies should contact Dsoftware technology for their IT services. We will help develop strategies to reach your goals. Please check out left side of page to read about services provided by Dsoftware Technology.

D-Software Technology

We are licensed IT Software outsourcing company in Da Nang, Vietnam. Our focus is getting clientele overseas for website development, iOS/Android mobile projects, IT Consultation, Remote IT helpdesk set up and more.

Our Slogan :

We can assure you that if we can't build your next coming project...or we tell you its impossible (which we don't do), the only company that can take up the projects are located inside the PLUTO Planet.