About this Project

Studying the rate at which Vietnamese are enrolling to learn English language, and also the rate in which they prepare for exams, we decided to help the students learn English via their mobile phones.We are aware that most students love to chat, listem to music or play games on their phone.

We decided to let them learn on the goal by developing the app, IELTS study,using the IELTS standards and module to help the students study and speak English better.

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D-Software Technology

D-Software Technology

We are IT Software outsourcing company. Our focus is getting clientele overseas for website development, iOS/Android mobile projects, IT Consultation, Remote IT helpdesk set up and more.

Our Slogan :

We can assure you that if we can't build your next coming project...or we tell you its impossible (which we don't do), the only company that can take up the projects are located inside the PLUTO Planet.

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