Freaking Color

About this Project

Freaking Color is an Android game that was designed and developed by team of D-software Technology and "The Eagles Men". The teams worked together to develop a game that everyone would love to play on their Android phone.

It is a game with different display of solid colours, and players need to choose the right colour according to the text they are shown, this also comes with fast timing.

Click on the wrong answer, and you are out, you can enjoy the game anytime, and share with your friends anytime.

Both team plan on working on more games in the future, and also to release more free games.

The Eagles men is an extension of D-Software Technology, that will focus on releasing games online for iOS and Android mobile phones.

More details

The Eagles Game Company

D-Software Technology

We are IT Software outsourcing company. Our focus is getting clientele overseas for website development, iOS/Android mobile projects, IT Consultation, Remote IT helpdesk set up and more.

Our Slogan :

We can assure you that if we can't build your next coming project...or we tell you its impossible (which we don't do), the only company that can take up the projects are located inside the PLUTO Planet.

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