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About this Project

The now famous website, Doy News is one of our rolled out projects. Doy News Media house has decided to join the online media world and are looking for a well befitting website  that could allow their staff upload news anytime anywhere, via mobile or their desktop computer.

They want constant updates on latest SEO and well maintained projects and also to keep it online 24/7, even at the times of web traffic spike.

D-Software Technology is also providing remote support for selected staff of Doy News Media company, and making sure they have secure machines when accessing the website.

The website domain hosting, recent domain migration and updating some functionalities of the website was done by the team at D-Software Technology.

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Doy News Media

D-Software Technology

We are IT Software outsourcing company. Our focus is getting clientele overseas for website development, iOS/Android mobile projects, IT Consultation, Remote IT helpdesk set up and more.

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