Danang/Hoi An Expats Website

About this Project

As a team that is established in Da Nang, we have a lot of new tourists and people with the intention of living in Da Nang, we thought it would be a good idea to provide a 1-stop information website of business and services in Da Nang and the Hoi An area.

While some people have called it the Danang/Hoi An Yelp, we have decided to call it the Da Nang/Hoi An yellow pages.

The website functionalities includes:

Yellow pages : For listing out places from the coffee shops, Hotels, restaurant, bars and Cinemas, services, banks and a lot more

Classified : Buying and selling of things in Da Nang and Hoi An

Housing : Where people can rent out apartment, and others can find houses

Jobs: Post Jobs and find Jobs

DHE : A question and answer section on the website

Events : This includes any upcoming events in Da nang/Hoi An

More details

D-Software Technology

D-Software Technology

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